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Organisational design | May 23

How SMEs can digitise and plan for future growth

Organisational design | May 23

John Palfreyman, lecturer and programme manager on the Help to Grow: Management Course at Leeds University Business School, looks at how SMEs can survive and thrive in a digital economy.

John Palfreyman

John Palfreyman Lecturer, Leeds University Business School

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In a small to medium enterprise (SME), operating efficiently is the key to running a successful company. However, taking advantage of the vast array of digital technologies available to achieve this can sometimes be overwhelming. Digital transformation is the smart use of digital technologies to drive sustainable competitive advantage.

The power of digital transformation for SMEs is in leveraging technologies to make established ways of working simpler and more efficient, thereby boosting productivity, and significantly saving time and costs to increase competitivity. Technology can also open new channels to market, resulting in increased business income.


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John Palfreyman

John Palfreyman Lecturer, Leeds University Business School

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