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Organisational design | Apr 25

Sarah Lethbridge’s pizza productivity

Organisational design | Apr 25

Sarah Lethbridge explains how a pizza-related experience at a music festival proved to be the perfect example of how and where bottlenecks exist within the production line.

Sarah Lethbridge

Sarah Lethbridge Pro Dean for External Engagement, Cardiff Business School

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In my lectures, I often joke that once you start seeing the world from a lean perspective, things that you used to enjoy can start to become quite frustrating because you can see room for improvement everywhere. I recently had a brilliant day at a mini festival in Cardiff with my friends but the queue for a pizza nearly had me jumping over the counter and making the staff participate in one of my workshops. The queue was actually quite fun because me and my friends were catching up, but when I got to the front, I could clearly see that there were major problems in their pizza production line. 

The pizza company did well in increasing productivity and minimising the amount of ingredients needed – and therefore reduced waste – as they only had three options to choose from. But I posit that they didn’t maximise the benefits that come from the simplicity of their ingredients and menu.  


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Sarah Lethbridge

Sarah Lethbridge Pro Dean for External Engagement, Cardiff Business School

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