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Leadership | Nov 16

Stop starting and start finishing 

Leadership | Nov 16

Strategy is vital, but without the day-to-day mechanisms in place to ensure that goals are achieved, goals can often become dreams.

John McIntyre

John McIntyre Founder, HotPMO

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A business’s strategy is its North Star. It is the inspirational direction for you and your staff and can emerge in many ways. Sometimes it is born out of the founding principle of the company and other times it is manipulated over time as the direction of your business changes. However, it can often be hard to keep the day-to-day running of your business aligned with the overall strategy. 

John McIntyre, founder of HotPMO, specialises in helping businesses reach their overarching goals by ensuring that all work flows in the same direction. On Friday 17 November, McIntyre will be delivering a Help to Grow: Management Alumni Network webinar titled Strategy Implementation: measuring, managing and keeping agile. 

How strategy relates to projects 


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John McIntyre

John McIntyre Founder, HotPMO

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