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Case studies | Aug 1

How Aquatrust secured new markets with an innovative change in process

Case studies | Aug 1

Since the adoption of digital monitoring technology, Aquatrust has expanded into new markets with stellar efficiency and increased turnover by 30%.

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The third module of the Help to Grow: Management Course focuses on how to win new markets. Dr David Andrews, who delivers the course at Leeds Business School, states that for any business to grow, its products or services need to create value for a new customer base and deliver that value (i.e., get paid). And with the economic landscape becoming increasingly precarious, expanding into new markets is at the top of the agenda.

But identifying new markets can often be challenging for an SME who has only one product or service as new value seems impossible to create. Help to Grow: Management Course alumnus and Aquatrust Sales Director Paul Kenny realised the company needed to innovate in order to grow.


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