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Marketing and branding | Apr 25

How to effectively leverage TikTok and Instagram to propel sales  

Marketing and branding | Apr 25

Following a TikTok video that went viral at the beginning of March, Perl Cosmetics tripled its February revenue in the first six days of March.

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In 2020, Perl lost her job in London at KPMG during the initial Covid-19 surge and subsequently moved back home with her parents. Thinking what to do next, Perl remembered an article that she had read in the Daily Mail about two Australian men who started a company and made a small fortune selling pink clay masks.   

‘I saw these two guys start a skin care business in Australia and thought, if they can do it, so can I.’ Perl goes on to say, ‘Once I moved back home I had all this time on my hands, so I set about starting a business and developing my product in-house, and I knew that social media was going to be the only way that I could be successful.’ 


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