Marketing and branding | Oct 9

The potent power of employee brand advocates in B2B

Marketing and branding | Oct 9

With tight marketing budgets that are barely covering ambitious plans to engage your audience, it’s easy to overlook one of your most powerful brand advocacy assets when it comes to brand promotion

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Value propositions have become far more customer-centric over the last few years with companies promising to deliver tailored, customised, and collaborative solutions. However, whilst this may be at the core of an external marketing message, this can quickly become a hollow promise if those values, attitudes, and behaviours don’t live inside the minds of the people who actually have to deliver this brand promise. This can be exacerbated if you don’t have employee buy-in or understanding on how you are building the company brand in the first place.

Building brand advocacy one employee at a time

There are significant benefits to be had by first turning attention inwards and defining a clear communications strategy to engage those who represent the business. Imagine a united team, driven by the same values, sharing the same language, motivated by the same ambitions as each other, all singing in harmony from the same hymn sheet, pushing the company forwards, and delivering that same message at every interaction with your customers.


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