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Case studies | Apr 25

How employee engagement helped Cheylesmore Accountants move from a flat to a hierarchical structure 

Case studies | Apr 25

Cheylesmore Accountants has successfully grown to 14 employees since its inception, but their challenge is now how to transition from a flat to a hierarchical business structure.  

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Following his graduation from the University of Nottingham in 2009, Manny Rai lived between London and Birmingham and worked for financial mammoths KPMG, Goldman Sachs and Accenture. Manny accrued a wealth of accountancy knowledge and experience over the decade that followed, but always maintained the dream of starting his own company in the near future. 

‘Starting my own business has always been a long-term aspiration of mine. Since I was young, I wanted to set up my own company and work for myself. It wasn’t a matter of if, it was when. There is nothing else like it, knowing that every decision you make directly impacts the success of the company, you get hooked. But I didn’t anticipate all the challenges that come with leadership and running your own business.’ 


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