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Organisational design | Sep 19

The crucial role of cybersecurity in a digital world

Organisational design | Sep 19

Digitalisation has propelled countless businesses to increased efficiency and profitability. But with this has come an elevated risk of cyberattacks on SMEs.

Rob Shapland

Rob Shapland Ethical hacker and Head of Awareness, Falanx Cyber

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According to research and advisory company Gartner, 91% of businesses are engaged in some form of digital initiative, and 87% of senior business leaders say digitalisation is now a priority. Digitalisation has the potential to open your business to a far wider audience and massively improves efficiency, reporting, accuracy, and data-led decision making.

Unfortunately, with this opportunity has come a surge in cybercrime. Techjury reported that across the globe 30,000 websites are hacked daily and Statista estimates that the average amount stolen by hackers in 2023 in the UK is nearly £5,000, not to mention the costs businesses incur rebuilding what was lost, or the days or weeks where the company was left inoperable.


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Rob Shapland

Rob Shapland Ethical hacker and Head of Awareness, Falanx Cyber

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